The NW Moment

A collection of images to get the site started.

It's Time to Go - Liddy poses for the camera before turning to chase through the pasture behind her
Waiting at the foot of the stairs - Liddy lies in the sun as it filters through the stained glass in our front door. What is it that fascinates this puppy's mind?
Wenatchee River Trestle -  Brilliant fall colors frames the old steel trestle over the Wenatchee River west of Leavenworth, WA
Waiting for a breeze - A dandilion. Ready to release its seeds on the next passing breeze.
Heron in Culvert  --  A Great Blue Heron is framed in the culvert that allows Clear Creek to flow in to Dyes Inlet in Silverdale, WA.
Decisions - An Annas Hummingbird hovers before blossoms of crocosima lucifer deciding which one to  start with.
Snowy Egret in Gold - An egret fishes at the mouth of the Rio Cuale in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
Down to the Sea Again - The marina at Burton, on Vashon Island. A couple take a dingy to row out to a vessel moored on a bouy.
Gray Morning in the Harbor - It was a typical west coast, wet gray dawn. The bridge carrying Highway 101 over Yaquina Bay frames the harbor entrance in the fog.
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